Zachary Hamilton

Independent. Creative. Intuitive. Unhindered by tradition. Anchored by God’s grace and peace.

Zachary Hamilton

Zachary Hamilton, husband to Alea. Proud dad to Emmett and Soren.

As an INFJ, according to Meyers-Briggs, I’m caring, complex and highly intuitive. I excel in working environments where I can be creative and somewhat independent. As a CIS, according to the DiSC behavior assessment, I pay attention to details, enjoy being around people, and I’m an internal processor / thinker. I value building collective IQ, working toward consensus, utilizing processes, and teamwork. I like people, give / gain trust easily, and I possess significant experience interacting with and relating to diverse groups across both cultural and generational gaps. I am called to both traditional ministry and the marketplace.

I’m a United States Air Force veteran, receiving several military honors including Airman of the Year for my squadron (2004) and Senior Airman Below the Zone. I was the founding Executive Director of a grassroots community-benefit organization in Sioux Falls, SD. I’ve been a staff member in traditional churches. I’ve helped start and restart churches. I’ve provided coaching and consulting to others doing the same. I’ve been featured in online and print publications as an author. I’m also a world-traveler and student of life. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from multiple practitioners working to improve their communities. I now co-own and operate a creative agency and coaching business as well as help churches as an intentional interim.

Learn more about Zachary (bio). Learn more about Zachary’s businesses at Situla LLC.

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